Who Even Are We?

Right!? What gives us the right to determine what products come up on here? Well, let me tell you...

South Central Barbers is a barbershop located in Bristol, UK. We opened up in August 2017 with the aim of delivering top quality services with less of the pretentious bullshit you find in other shops, and more of a focus on good times and having fun. 

When it comes to products, we especially had the vision of not just stocking one sole brand, but a range of them. We wanted to pluck the very best products that brands we knew had to offer, so that we were continuing to offer the best to our clients. It's a little bit more work, but that way, we could honestly say, we weren't trying to sell them crap we didn't believe in. 

We hope you enjoy perusing our little online store, and if you're ever nearby, feel free to pop your head in.

Lots of love, 

South Central